Traveling and playing, playing and traveling. 

Ah the life of a musician. Travel, do a show, travel, do a show. Maybe a little break here, some time off there. When I was a kid, and I mean when I was a teenager, because to me, that is a kid, I used to dream of being certain things when I grew up. First, it was to be a football player. And then, a rock star. I would travel the world, making lots of money, and playing music for my adoring fans. And Ive got to say, at this point, Im not too far off. Being able to travel the world and make money doing what I love isn't just a gift, it's a dream come true. And it feels great to know that along with the help of many others, Ive been able to make that dream come true for myself, and the people I love. I am able to travel from the Southeastern US, to Europe, and amazingly enough, Southern Pacific Costa Rica, where I play this time of year, mainly for the expat community, but also for the local Costa Rican people who love Rock N Roll. Its been, and continues to be, everything you would expect from a real dream come true, and for this I am very very grateful, to the music lovers like you, to myself, to God. Soon i will begin work on a new CD, and I really look forward to getting it out there, giving it to the world so to speak. I also look forward to playing for the many people who have enjoyed it in the past, as well as the hopefully many people who are to enjoy it in the future. here is to you, the music fan, the music lover, we do it for you, and for our own spirits.....

Welcome to a new member 

The Jeb Rault Band welcomes David Pigott, a fresh arrival to New Orleans from his hometown of Jackson MS. David holds down the B3 Organ and Piano duties, and will also be known to sing a song or two as well. His addition is exciting and adds a complimentary sound alongside the guitar bass and drums.


  Im so happy to say that Sweet Dancer is now available to listen to on Pandora Internet Radio. I just found out through a fan of the band that they have us listed as Jeb Band Rault, and I hope that will be corrected soon. I think Pandora is a fantastic way for new bands to get discovered by music lovers, so please spread the word.
 The CD has also found its way through the net onto Radio France, so thats cool as well. Its also in rotation at WWOZ in New Orleans.

Sweet Dancer 

  Well everyone, Sweet Dancer is almost here. Its been a fantastic experience through and through, from the very begining, a little less than a year ago, when I knew that the band needed a new CD, but had no idea how I was going to go about making that happen, to now, as I sit here writing this, awaiting the arrival of the completed CDs. It is almost ridiculous how things happen sometimes. There I was, knowing and wishing that I could find some help for my project, when all of the sudden and seemingly out of the blue, I meet  Grammy winning music producer John Snyder through a landscaping flyer I had handed out in Uptown New Orleans. I was called to John's house just off of the Loyola University campus where he now works as head of the Music Business School,  by his partner and photographer, Cathy Weeks,  who asked that I meet him  to give him a price on landscaping his yard! As we were talking about the design I saw for his property, he casually mentioned that he had been so busy with music lately. "Music, really....." I said, and  it wasn't long before we decided, I would landscape his yard, and he would produce the Jeb Rault Band's next album.

  And thus, Sweet Dancer was born. It was John who introduced me to kickstarter.(, which helped so much to get the ball rolling. It was also John who had worked at Ardent Studios in Memphis TN. For those of you who don't know, this is one of the nicest studios in the country. Led Zeppelin III was mixed there, and ZZ Top's Eliminator album; you remember the one, with "Legs", and "Sharp Dressed Man", was recorded there, as well as countless other albums over the years.  So when John suggested we go there to record "Sweet Dancer", my heart lept with excitement and anticipation. Had I known who he had in mind as far as musicians besides myself, I would not have had a care in the world.  Steve Potts(who tours with Gregg Allman), Al Gamble(Marc Broussard), and Dave Smith(Various artists including Johnny Lang), who played Drums, Organ, and Bass respectively on the album, I would soon learn, are consummate musicians who seemingly have no problem creating any type of musical feel needed for any type of song.

  Recording at Ardent, and with this A-list of Memphis talent as musicians, was an experience that I will always remember. It went so well, and was so much fun, from begining to end. Curry Webber, and Elizabeth McClanahan were the engineers, who were able to run the equipment with no trouble. And as backup singers, John had arranged for Susan Marshall and Stephanie Bolton to be there. To work with a team of proffessional musicians that are so on top of things is the way it should always be done, but I know how lucky I am to have stumbled upon this crew. I think when you listen to the CD, especially on a really good system, the quality comes through, and the cumulative experince of all those involved can be heard.

  Walking through the halls of Ardent, and later, at Dockside Studios in Maurice La., where the album was mixed by David Farrell with the help of John and Elizabeth, I couldn't help of thinking of all of the fabulous musicians who had worked in these same places over the years. People like Albert and BB King, U2, Dr John, Tab Benoit, Givers, the list just goes on and on and on.

  So now, as Im about to present 'Sweet Dancer' to the world, I'm excited to see what everybody thinks of these 12 songs that I wrote, that I feel were so artfully captured by this group of people, and by the equipment of these fantastic studios. I have been very much enjoying listening to these 12 tunes. Not only is it fantastic to be able to put out the songs, but its such an honor to hear the recording that is made up of so many different parts from so many different people, coming together to create something that is far better than I could ever had envisioned. And you know what, thats how its supposed to be.

   I encourage everyone to post here, and let me know what you think. I am already at work, writing more songs, that I hope will be recorded before too long. Id like to keep cranking out the albums, and The Jeb Rault Band is beginning to tour outside of New Orleans as well, to bring the music to our fan's wherever you may be.  If you like the band and the music, tell everyone you know to visit this site and to buy a CD. With every one that is sold, we are that much closer to being able to make another one! Please feel free to post comments, questions, advice, or just say Hi!  Id love for this to become an online meeting place for anyone interested in the band, music and art, and popular culture in general. Thanks,     Jeb.

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